Our Services

Twinbrook Animal Clinic is your health and wellness source for feline and canine care. Our veterinarians can provide your pets with:

Preventative Health Care

You can schedule that much-needed pet wellness exam in Valencia right here. Our other preventative essentials include parasite control/prevention, microchipping and grooming. Your cat can even enjoy full-scale boarding services and access to our Valencia veterinarian while you’re away.

Flea & Tick Control and Prevention

Fleas and ticks carry dangerous diseases while also promoting dermatitis and skin infections. We can get rid of infestations and put your pet on preventative medications to avoid future problems.

Diagnostic Services

Twinbrook Animal Clinic offers state-of-the-art laboratory testing, radiography, and other diagnostic services so your pet will always receive the fastest, most accurate diagnosis possible.

Physical Rehabilitation

Animals recuperating from an injury or surgery will benefit from our physical rehabilitation services. Ultrasound, low-level laser therapy, and sophisticated exercise equipment such as our underwater treadmill can help your pet regain strength, balance, and range of motion.

Pain Management

Chronic pain need not destroy your beloved companion’s quality of life. Our veterinarian in Valencia can prescribe anti-inflammatory or other painkilling medications, nutritional supplements, laser therapy, gentle exercises or surgery to manage your pet’s discomfort.

Pet Surgical Services

From routine spay or neuter surgery to complicated internal procedures, your pet will benefit from our surgical skills and experience. We administer general anesthesia as needed and advise you on post-operative care.

Emergency Care

We offer many kinds of emergency pet care including treatments for poison ingestion, heat stroke, traumatic injuries, difficult labor, swallowed objects, urinary blockages and other crisis situations. If your emergency occurs while we’re closed, call our number for after-hours emergency instructions.


Our in-house pharmacy maintains a healthy stock of staple medications, from pest preventatives to disease treatments. Why make a second trip to a pharmacist?


Our veterinarians can perform regular dental checkups, cleanings, and necessary removals of problem teeth. By utilizing our advanced digital dental x-rays, we can help your pet enjoy a high standard of dental and oral health.

Hospitalization for Sick or Injured Pets

When your pet needs to be hospitalized, it’s good to know your veterinarian in Valencia can provide the hospital during the day. We also provide referrals to overnight facilities.

Dietary and Behavioral Counseling

Our dietary counseling service can help with everything from weight loss to specific medical needs. We also provide behavioral counseling to help you turn your pet into a better citizen and a happier member of your household.

Pet Grief Support

Saying goodbye is a difficult process. We offer grief support to help you and your family prepare for the Final Farewell.