“Lady Tuna meant the world to me. She suffered from cervical disc problems and we decided against the surgery. She had been through enough already. We wanted to have Tuna put to sleep in her own home, on her blanket with us there. It was amazingly peaceful, very quiet. I held Tuna in my arms in the sun until I felt her last heartbeat under my fingers. She was finally pain-free. I’ll never forget Dr. Oliver’s kindness and care in Tuna’s last moments. The staff at Twinbrook handles these difficult situations professionally and humanely – thank you so very much for helping us.” – Mj McCurdy


When the time comes that your pet can no longer experience the things that it once enjoyed, if it appears to be experiencing more pain then pleasure, or if the bad days just outnumber the good, you might be faced with the difficult decision for euthanasia. Sometimes euthanasia may become necessary if they are terminally ill, critically injured, or aggressive and unmanageable that your families’ safety is of concern. You don’t need to make that decision alone or without the support of your family, friends, and veterinarian.

A Peaceful Passing with Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc. will provide an exceptionally compassionate veterinarian to help you through that difficult process. Our home euthanasia service has several benefits for you, your family, and your pet.

  • It allows your pet to be surrounded by family and friends in the comfort and familiarity of their home. Your pet can also have their favorite blanket or toys nearby.
  • Other pets in the household can be present allowing them to heal sooner from the loss of their friend.
  • No stressful car ride or fearful visit to the clinic or office.
  • For pets with mobility issues, it can be easier and less painful to not have to be lifted in and out of the car.
  • There is little preparation needed. We want you to be able to focus solely on your relationship with your pet.

Our client service representatives will handle as much of the necessary paperwork and payment arrangements by phone prior to the doctor’s visit to your home so that precious time can be spent just for you and your pet. Please call our clinic for guidance on scheduling this type of service and pricing information.