Events & Outreach

Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc. values the relationships we have with our clients, patients, and the surrounding communities. To show appreciation for the continued support our clinic receives, we are proud to “give back” to the community by remaining actively involved in service to others. Learn more about the monthly events and promotions we offer to our clients, as well as our dedication to local schools, fire & police departments, businesses and charities.


Community Programs

Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc. cares about our clients, patients, and the community. We enjoy supporting our community by sponsoring fundraising events for local townships, police and fire departments, school sports, and 5K benefit walks, businesses, and churches. Our veterinarians and professional staff are also involved in partnering for rabies vaccination clinics, leading pet rehabilitation demonstrations, attending community days, and being the medical personnel at dog shows.

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Education Outreach

Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc. supports a positive and educational environment for school-aged children. We invite small group field trips and tours of our facility, as well as offer outreach presentations for school visits, assembly’s and career days. These programs help to guide our youth as they start thinking about their future careers by providing an exciting way to learn how veterinarians play an important role in your pet’s health and lessons on animal safety and wellness.

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Police K9 Support


Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc. is deeply saddened to announce the passing of K9 Mibo. K9 Officer Mibo, 75-pound male German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois-mix, was Middlesex Township Police Department’s Dual-Purpose Police Dog handled by Officer Mark Heider. After a medical emergency, K9 Mibo ended his watch on Sunday, August 14th, 2022.   

K9 Mibo primarily patrolled Middlesex Township, but assisted in other parts of Butler County. As part of a 16-dog response group, if needed, responded anywhere in western and central Pennsylvania. K9 Mibo’s Dual-Purpose capabilities include detection and patrol. His detection work focused on explosives, guns, and evidence; this means he responded to Bomb Threats and Security Sweeps. Since he started working here in Butler County, K9 Mibo has responded to Bomb Threats at the Butler, Mars, and South Butler (Knoch) School Districts. In addition, he has helped keep events safe such as the NHL Winter Classic, the Stanley Cup Playoffs as well as NFL Steeler season, and playoff games.

K9 Mibo will be greatly missed by the staff at Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc.