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Pet Surgery from Our Veterinarian in Valencia

Veterinary medicine has advanced alongside human medicine in many ways, pet surgery is a great example. Today's pets can benefit from a wide range of surgical techniques and procedures. If your pet needs surgery, you can take heart from the knowledge that he has a great veterinarian in Valencia. Any of our four veterinarians at Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc. can provide the ideal combination of skill, experience, technical expertise and genuine concern for your best friend's well-being.

Dog getting ready for surgery.

Pet Surgery Offered by Our Veterinarian

Pet surgery can be routine in nature, or it can take the form of urgent life-saving care. Our team at Twinbrook Animal Clinic, Inc. has seen the entire spectrum of surgical need, and our state-of-the-art facility is more than prepared to address these needs through a variety of approaches and technologies. Your pet may benefit from:

  • Spay and neuter surgery - Spay and neuter surgery may be extremely common, but its positive effects are anything but mundane. Sexual sterilization removes your pet's lifetime risk for deadly cancers of the reproductive system while reducing the risk of other diseases and potentially-hazardous misbehaviors as well (roaming, aggression etc.).
  • Orthopedic surgery - If your pet is struggling with a joint injury or joint pain, orthopedic surgery may be the solution. Your Valencia veterinarian can repair or remodel knees with ruptured ligaments, fuse severely arthritic vertebrae, reconstruct hip joints suffering from dysplasia and use metal hardware to set complex fractures.
  • Tumor removal surgery - Abnormal lumps on your pet's body may need to be removed surgically. We can then analyze the removed mass to see whether a malignancy exists, in which case we may recommend additional surgery or other treatments. 
  • Dental and oral surgery - We can treat a variety of problems in your pet's mouth through surgery. Our team can remove cancerous lesions, extract damaged or infected teeth and repair jawbone injuries.
  • Internal surgery - Internal surgery can treat damaged or diseased organs, correct congenital abnormalities and deliver healthy litters via Cesarian section in animals that cannot safely ensure natural birth.
  • Emergency surgery - When your pet is in serious trouble, a skilled emergency can make all the difference. We can correct life-threatening bloat, stop arterial bleeding, close deep wounds, remove urinary system blockages and much more.

Twin Brook Animal Clinic Can Help Your Pet (and You) Through the Process

You'll appreciate the care with which we administer anesthesia and prepare your pet for surgery -- but we also prepare you by discussing the procedure in detail beforehand. Once the anesthesia wears off and your pet is ready to go home, we can make sure you have the necessary medication prescriptions and post-operative instructions for helping your pet recover. We're all in this together!

Contact Our Local Veterinarian in Valencia to Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you need to schedule pet surgery, don't be afraid and hesitate to get your pet the help he needs. Contact us at 724-898-2300 to schedule surgery with your Valencia veterinarian!