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Pet Dentistry at Twinbrook Animal Clinic

Your canine may sport an impressive-looking set of canines, but how healthy are your pet's teeth, gums, and oral cavity? Diseases or injuries afflicting these structures can cause serious problems for your beloved friend. That's why regular dental care makes just as much sense for your pet as it does for you. Every Valencia veterinarian on our team can provide the pet teeth cleaning, exams and treatments needed to help area pets thrive.

Dog getting his teeth brushed at his veterinarian in Valencia.

Dangers to Your Pet's Teeth and Gums

The most prevalent danger to your pet's mouth is too small to be seen with the naked eye, yet powerful enough to threaten your companion's oral and systemic health. Bacteria are the cause of periodontal disease, a chronic inflammation of the gum tissue that troubles the majority of pets by the age of 3. Bacteria require a food source, so they're naturally attracted to the plague and tartar that build up around your pet's teeth. Their presence sets off an inflammatory reaction that eventually causes receding gums, jawbone abscesses, and tooth loss, with the possible migration of the bacteria to other parts of the body.

Periodontal disease isn't the only threat pet owners need to worry about. Oral cancer is another threat that tends to begin invisibly. By the time this disease is advanced enough for you to spot it, your pet's life may hang in the balance. Injuries create problems of their own. Cracks or breaks in the teeth are not only painful for your pet, preventing normal chewing and digestion, but they can open a way for bacteria to invade and wreak havoc.

Pet Teeth Cleaning and Other Forms of Animal Dentistry

The good news is that you don't have to wait for serious oral problems to occur in your best friend. Your Valencia veterinarian at Twinbrook Animal Clinic can provide regular dental wellness exams to ensure that your pet enjoys optimal dental health. Our combination of X-rays and skilled inspections can reveal tartar buildup, periodontal disease, tooth damage or oral cancer in time to administer effective treatment. Pet teeth cleaning is another animal dentistry essential commonly performed as a complement to these exams. Our deep cleanings techniques can loosen even the toughest tartar buried beneath the gum line, denying bacteria their food source.

If your pet needs dental treatment, you've come to the right clinic. We can prescribe antibiotics to get infections under control or perform advanced oral surgery to treat oral cancer. Tooth extractions can sometimes save your pet a lot of pain and reduce the threat of additional dental troubles. You can even rely on us for a lifetime of advice on home dental hygiene and best practices.

Schedule Pet Dentistry from Our Local Veterinarian in Valencia

Give your pet the gift of a healthier mouth and life. Contact us at 724-898-2300 to schedule a dental appointment with your veterinarian in Valencia!